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  • Aimee Catalan

Presenting the 'why' in science

Clear communication and presenting science in a manner that is understandable and engaging to the audience is a science communicator’s raison d'etre, the reason we are here!

The fundamental objective in good science communication, however, extends well beyond the dissemination of scientific or technical information and terminology. If you want your audience to hear you, understand you and then act upon your message, you need to be able to answer of one their core questions. You must address their ‘why’.

As the communicator, your ‘why’, is likely not the same as your audience. They may ask, “why is this important to me?” or “Why should I be motivated to act upon your message?”

The Harvard Business Review published a nice little article about the audience’s ‘why’. You can find it here. It discusses how effective communication techniques are beneficial in business. They are also invaluable strategies for communicators of health, science and technology.

When you present your science, you are using your expertise, knowledge and understanding of your science to ask for something. Remember to address your audience’s why, and you are communicating with influence. Answer their ‘why’ and you have a call to action.

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