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About Catalan Group

Science Communicator & Storyteller

​True stories form the foundations of our family histories and our culture.  We use them to break the ice, to put someone at ease, to teach a lesson, and to provide an escape.  Well-presented science stories create a powerful message platform for scientists, researchers, and those in business and government.  


A story well told has the power to draw your audience into your narrative, engage them, provide new context and perspective, move them emotionally and then call them to action. Listeners are compelled by great stories and the ability of the storyteller to present a subject that is engaging and relevant to them.

Prior to founding Catalan Group, I spent almost 25 years working in the high-pressure environment of organ donation and transplantation where crisis conversations and messages were quickly retold in different ways to cater to multiple stakeholders.  It was those experiences that led to my belief that there is value in the expert use of science communication across any complex communication situation.

It benefits anyone who must present their story to another who is outside their field of expertise.

These unique skills have led me to present at multiple international engagements in Europe, the United States, Brunei, and Barbados.  I have presented on the university, research and government stage, have been a guest on podcasts like 'Smart Enough to Know Better', worked in television and film with the ABC, Channel 9, SBS and Aquarius Productions in Australia and facilitated and participated in many panel discussions at places like the Australia National University's Science Dome, the Queensland Writers Festival and Brisbane's Storytelling of Science at the Edge.

I hold a Masters in Science Communication and a PhD in Communications and Medical Ethics and a Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching.  I've lectured and coordinated courses in communications, presenting science, medical and science reporting, controversial science.  


- Aimee Catalan -

My Philosophy

How you curate messages and present them to your audience will determine how you measure your own storytelling success.


Catalan Group believes that as a scientist, start-up, or researcher, you are best placed to tell your own story.  My aim is to assist you in crafting your own science stories and messages that resonate with specific audiences and attract support, investment and understanding.   Whether through individual or group coaching sessions, media training, public speaking preparation or videography services, the goal is to provide you with the tools and skills to successfully convey your science and improve successful funding outcomes across government and industry and increase understanding of your science to a broader audience.

Collaboration and communication form the foundation of Catalan Group .  I  provide comprehensive 

end-to-end support for you, my client, that is tailored to your science focus and what will connect you to your audience.  

Using a 3-step approach to

  • first, gain clarity and learn about your science, your message and your audience,

  • second, work within your budget and capability to develop a plan for delivery and presentation of your message,

  • third, work alongside you to facilitate that plan whether as part of a grant application, industry pitch, board presentation, to seek philanthropic funding, media interview,  short video or your live presentation on stage or via webinar.

 Let's make you storyteller ready. 

Portfolio & Experience


2023            Member Communications Committee, International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR)

2022            Communications advisor, Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC), Australia

2021             Science communication consultant and mentor, Life Sciences Queensland, Catalyst Program

2020            Photographer, videographer, and drone footage surveys Marine Parks Australia, Tasmantid Seamounts and

                     protected uninhabited coral reef, Coral Sea, Australia

2020           Science & multi-media correspondent Schmidt Ocean Institute aboard Research Vessel Falkor Great Barrier Reef

2019            Research Australia Frontier Award nomination video

2019            Mater Mothers and Babies, ICU  fundraising video, Mater Ball, Brisbane

2019            Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand, promotional video, AUS

2018            Dying to Live, Aquarius Productions, Screen Australia, Madman Entertainment, documentary   

2016            Smart Enough to Know Better, Podcast Guest,       

2015            The Storytelling of Science, Museum of Brisbane, The Edge              

2014 -16     Course coordinator,  Science Communication Presenting Science,

                      Medical and Science Reporting, Media Studies, University of Queensland

2014            The living donor study: the concepts and frames of living kidney donors. 

                      Ph.D. Thesis

2008           Documentary Film, Science Communication Master Thesis, 

                      The Wish Behind the Gift of Donation

2008           The Gift, reality television drama series, Channel Nine, S1 E2   

2008           Over My Dead Body, ABC, - documentary

2007            Energy and Motion, Eureka Science Award Entrant, Canberra

2006            Organ donation and coroner authorization within a state-based coronial

                       system. Organs Tissues and Cells, 9(3), 163-166. Best published article

2005            The role of the Australian transplant coordinator in an extra-renal centre-

                       driven system.  European Transplant Coordinator Conference, Belgium.  

                       Best poster

Collaborations, Affiliations

& Experiences

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