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Let's Work Together

Everyone's science is unique and you have your own science story.  You may already know your audience or you may wish to refine your storytelling focus. We will work collaboratively to ensure that you are receiving the support and assistance you need.

Whether it is one-on-one consultation or a group workshop, for one day or over a series of days, or a longer term arrangement, we will work within your budget and capability to develop a plan for delivery and presentation of your message.   All services can be uniquely combined and adjusted to meet your storytelling requirements.

I look forward to hearing your science story.


Presenting Your Science

  • Communicating effectively to one person or many is the basis for presenting your science to an audience

  • Learn classical and contemporary verbal and non-verbal communication strategies.

  • Helpful for presentations to investors, philanthropic audiences, boards and much more!

  • Individual or group workshops and masterclasses.

Preparing for the Media

As the expert, you may be called upon to speak to the media about your science. It can be a daunting experience, but media training will get you well on your way to interacting with media professionals confidently and competently.


I can help you contextualise the role of the media and understand not only what you should be saying but how it should be said to ensure clarity and understanding.


Learn how social media can be valuable to you how it broadens the scope of who sees your science and in what context.


Whether focusing on a specific science topic or project or highlighting an organisation or team, video is a useful addition. It is a powerful  visual medium and compliments many situations where your science can be showcased.


Video length is usually shorter and succinct.  It provides both visual and audio context  to projects.  It adds contemporary flair to grant funding submissions and  philanthropic, awards and industry presentations.

Controversial and Emotive 


There are elements of science, health and innovation that can be polarising and should be communicated in a tactful and truthful manner.  One that invites dialogue and understanding.

Controversial science is not always the controversy of the science but more the personal and emotional affect it can have on a person because of their own societal and cultural framing of the subject.  

How we present and speak to those areas can be formulaic but effective.

By creating consistency in messaging as well as active listening to ensure that as a presenter you are able to at times preempt concern and remain confident and consistent.

Public Speaking


Public speaking can be stressful.  For some, it is a great fear.  It is also an integral part of letting the world know about your science.

Together, we will work on various communication strategies and techniques that will assist you to prepare for that big presentation.  You will learn timing, audience empathy and how to ensure your audience does not fall prey to death by PowerPoint.

For an audience to be receptive to your message, you must appear confident.  I will help you get there.


There may be other areas where I may assist you in telling your best science story.  We  can work together to ensure you achieve the outcome you are hoping for. 

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