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Your science story.  
Well told.
By you.


Aimee Catalan,

Managing Director

It only takes seconds to make a lasting first impression.

Catalan Group is a unique science communication organisation with a twist. Instead of acting as a reporter of science news, we interpret your science stories.  We work with scientists, researchers, technical professionals and start-ups to enable them to present their own science to wider audiences to generate momentum for current projects, to fund new business ideas or to gain public understanding and trust. 


Well presented science, research, technical and health messages are a mixture of concepts that are spoken in an expert and credible way but are understandable to the audience. Catalan Group will help you know your audience and then cater a message that they will hear, understand and act upon.


Striking a balance of credibility, with an understanding from your audience can lead to social acceptance and trust of your science along with industry support and grant success. 

For over 25 years I have worked across health, science, research and innovation to create messages and guide others to successfully present their own science.


We can work together to tell your story well.

It is your story. 

How will you tell it?

Video Storytelling

Life Science Technology & Innovation

Augmented Bionics

Artificial Ear

Ocean Conservation

The Tasmantid Seamounts of the Coral Sea

Art & Science

Artist at Sea, Taloi Havini

Mapping Time & Space

Science Communication

Ice Age Geology of the

Great Barrier Reef

"Dr Aimee Catalan is compassionate, confident and creative.  Her truly versatile competence is her unique attribute and makes her a trailblazing leader in the field of health and science communication."

Samudragupta Bora

Paediatric Neuroscientist

Associate Professor,

University of Queensland

"Amazing. Taught me how not to

get caught in a sea of slides and

let my story shine"

"Ethos, pathos, and logos are now on my presentation checklist."

Maree Beare, 

Founder & CEO


"Science communication is essential for the development of a successful research program, but I found media a daunting prospect.  Aimee did everything.  I could completely trust her guidance and my work has clearly benefitted from her expertise.  Her professionalism and experience gave me the confidence to elevate my work and significantly improve my research profile."

“Dr Catalan is driven by a passion to see new endeavours connect with and be embraced by the communities they are designed to empower.  She is committed to enabling scientists and researchers to succinctly converse with and engage an audience to showcase the benefits of medical innovation and health technology.

Prof Michael Wagels  Dr Allison Sutherland           Director                         A/ Deputy Director  

                 Australian Centre for Complex

                   Integrated Surgical Solutions

                        Metro South Health

Kind words & testimonials

Dr Sonia Sonia, 

Founder & CEO

Stanley Origin

Lisa Gillinder, 

Senior Research Fellow

Consultant Neurologist & Epileptologist

Mater Hospital Brisbane

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